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Patch Notes 01/02/13

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Patch Notes 01/02/13

Mensaje por DorianGrayJr el Sáb Feb 02, 2013 8:39 am

Take a look at what we've added to the game and fixed in the latest patch to Rusty Hearts.

New Items: Brand new Winter Fashion added to the Cash Shop.

Price Changes: Halloween costumes have been discounted.

Updated localization- Miscellaneous translation updates.

Events- New event (Winter Wonderland) added.


1. New skills added for each focus:

New skills for each focus
Sword – Bat Dash
Axe – Lunge Attack
Twin Swords – Spin Attack
Magic Sword – Counter Attack
Scythe – Arctic Breeze
Glaive – Glaive Spin
Gauntlet – Rising Kick
Claw – Down-Force Strike
Demon Hands – Backstep Charge
Revolver – Crashing Fire
Musket – Sliding Attack
Weapon Bag – Electric Line
2. Fixed Angela's Sandstorm and now petrifies enemies properly.

UI: Dungeon Map Interface:

The Dungeon selection tab is now correctly populated
The Conservatory dungeon correctly appears in the right dungeon group

PVP: The PVP Room Invite menu now has Choice Invite functionality


1. Roselle now has an animation for her "Delight" action.

2. Meilin Chen and Roselle are now free and available to play for everyone.

Graphic: Pets now follow players when viewed from another players screen.

Cash Shop: Bonus items purchased now appear in the Cash Box and won't require relogging to view the items.


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